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Be a part of Sydney’s most exciting maker community!


Our members are the heart and sole of MakerSpace, and we are looking for a phenomenal Member Experience Manager and Storyteller to give ‘em the love they deserve, share their stories with the world, and become an integral part of the MakerSpace family. Working alongside our specialist technical staff, this role will not only oversee essential workshop protocols, but constantly go above and beyond for every client.


The purpose of this role is to deliver a truly exceptional experience to our members AND to amplify the magic that happens within MakerSpace, to ensure our charity grows in business and social impact.


This role requires a special and unusual mix of skills and attributes. We don’t expect you to have prior experience in ALL aspects of the role.  Please read the entire job description. As long as you have the essential skills, the passion and importantly, the personality, we would like to hear from you.  We want the right person, not the right CV.


Your presence in the workshop will make this wonderful, rich, human hub of making and design hum like a well-oiled machine.



Please email ASAP for the full role description!

Role will be filled as soon as we meet the perfect person!


MakerSpace &company are hiring interns! Email your interest to

  • Passion for making, design and maker-culture.
  • Can-do attitude, keen to learn, contribute, and help build something extraordinary.
  • Interns must be undertaking the internship as part of their studies, and be available for a minimum of 3 days a week for 12 weeks. If you’re not undertaking a formal internship but want to get involved, contact us about volunteering!
  • MakerSpace is young and fuelled by volunteer support, for which we are hugely grateful. As the moment we are unable to offer paid internship positions.
  • Whilst Interns need to be able to jump into a range of diverse tasks to support the team and the community, we want to tap into your specific skills and interests.


What kind of applicants are we looking for?

Good people doing good work, creative, driven, ambitions, visionary, strategic, ready. Ideal applicants will want to get involved in one or more of the following:

The Makers
work With the team to design and fabricate some of the many items we need to set up the spaces: furniture, signage, walls, workbenches… there’s always something!

Graphics/Visual Communications
Work with our graphics and marketing staff  to execute new promotional material, and gain experience working with a totally amazing brand guideline

Metal Department
Assist the Metal technician and gain valuable insight into running a metal studio, some metal fabrications kills necessary.

Education Coordinator
Work with the Education Coordinator to help create an extraordinary program of classes, meet teachers and engage with students.

Ceramic Studio
Support our Ceramics Technician in the running and care of the ceramic studio.

Wood Workshop
Bring your passion for woodwork and learn the ins and outs of managing a workshop. Some wood fabrication skills necessary.

Event Assistant
Flex your community-building muscles assisting with producing small events at MakerSpace with our members.

 Print Studio
Work with our Print Members assisting in maintaining and growing the print studio!