This is important.
Please read it thoroughly.

MakerSpace is an 18+ facility, and our classes and facilities are designed for adults. Don’t get us wrong. We love kids. Most of us have kids. And we all acknowledge that we are working at MakerSpace because when we were little, we were encouraged to make things and we fell in love with it.


The reality is that MakerSpace is simply not set up to accomodate children. Here’s a few reasons why, and some work arounds:


Our equipment requires advanced mental and physical capabilities: 

Makers need to handle tools and equipment that is large, heavy and dangerous, much of which requiring a similar level of coordination, attention and focus to driving a car.


MakerSpace is a business incubator and professional workspace:

MakerSpace is a place where people are running their businesses, designing, prototyping and fabricating projects for their living. We cannot ask these residents to look out for and look after kids in the workshop, and we need to be mindful of the risks to our residents’ materials and work when curious fingers and distracted minds are in the site. It’s happened.


Our teaching spaces are embedded within the dangerous or delicate facilities:

The physical constraints of the site mean we cannot seperate our class participants from other facilities in the workshop.


Our staff and teachers don’t all have Working with Children Checks:

Our teachers are wonderful and they are good humans, not just great makers and teachers. We don’t require them to have Working With Children checks as they have been hired to work with adults.



Booking kids into classes

Children under 14 are not able to take classes at MakerSpace.

If you think your kid/s have the maturity, focus and the physical ability to participate in the class (without all three things, let’s face it, they are going to have a shit experience) we’d like to help.

We can open some classes to children aged 14-17, as long as they are accompanied by a participating, paying adult. This means you need to book and pay for 2 places in the class.  If the class delivery or requirements exceeds your child’s skill level, you can actively help them stay on track so you both have a great experience. We recommend not more than 2 kids to one supervising adult.


Some classes (like casting with molten metal) have a strict minimum age of 18, this will be clearly written on the class description.

A parent or guardian will have to sign the waiver and Terms and Conditions on behalf of their kids.


Kids in the workshop

While residencies are not currently open to under 18’s, if your child is aged 14-17, has workshop experience and has a project in mind, you and the child can book a Tutored Session. Please note, this is NOT a formal class. This is independent but supervised access to the workshop to complete self-directed projects.  You will need to book two places, one for you and one for the child.


A parent or guardian will have to sign the waiver and Terms and Conditions on behalf of their kids.


We would love to one-day have a venue that was better set up for giving kids access to opportunities to make things.
For the sake of our community, our facilities and the enjoyment and safety of your kids, we’d really appreciate you following these guidelines.