Before you call or email, there’s a strong chance the answer is below!

If you’ve arrived here because you sent an email, don’t forget: if you can’t find the answer below, be sure to email us back confirming you still need a response.


  9. PRIVATE CLASSES (one-on-one or group)


1. RESIDENTS AND STUDIOS: Want to work on your own projects here?

  • Have you already done a Tutored Session in your chosen field? If not please book in here.  
  • If you have completed your Tutored Sessions and have been given the green light by staff to apply to become a resident then the staff will get you an application form. Let us know if you have any questions on this process.
  • Interested in having a Studio at MakerSpace and becoming a part of our awesome community? Apply here.


2. FABRICATION REQUESTS:  Do you have a project that you are looking to have Designed or Fabricated at MakerSpace?

Please send through the below information so we can engage the right people to offer you a quote or meet to chat about the project:

  • Specifications – Please send through any drawings, examples or a thorough description of what you are looking for. Include materials (if known), sizing, how/where the items will be used and any other information that will help us to get you the best person for the job. The more information you can send through the better!
  • Timeline – what deadline are you working towards?
  • Budget – Outline your budget or request a quote.



Awesome! Have a look here and let us know if you have any questions. Alternatively drop by and see the space. As Bjork said “it’s oh SO quiet!” compared to our workshop and has everything you need for a day of work! Have a chat to us if you want to combine co-working and residency for the perfect maker business set up!



  • Check out our events page here. There are more and more events coming so make sure you follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date and definitely sign up for our newsletter here.
  • Looking to hold an event at MakerSpace? Our space is filled with machinery, workspaces, and humans working on their businesses or classes. Which means it’s probably not ideal for most events. If you think that your event idea IS a good fit, get in touch.
  • Filming at MakerSpace is uncontrollably loud and full of people working on things. Any filming has to happen before 9am, or on Sundays, and we can’t promise there’ll be no background noise then. If this works for you, send us your full proposal and we’ll get back to you with a quote.



  • Interested in teaching with us? Send through a little information about yourself, your experience and your practice. What skills do you have that you would love to share? Also send through your portfolio or a link to your instagram with examples of your work. If you have a class in mind already please let us know.
  • Internships – We love our interns and are always on the lookout for motivated, interested students to work with us. If you would like to become an intern with us it will need to be as part of a university degree that requires an internship placement. Send through your CV, portfolio, your course requirements, ideal days to intern and some information about what you hope to get out of the process.
  • Volunteering – Our volunteers are some of the best people in the world! If you have some time please get in touch with your interests and experience. We will try match you to work that will be of interest.
  • Donations and Benefactions – Are you interested in becoming a benefactor to MakerSpace? Or just a one off donations. You are awesome – donations help keep our doors open! MakerSpace is a registered charity, so all donations over $2 are tax deductible. Get in touch with a little more information on how you would like to be involved and any questions you might have.



  • Is the class you want booked out or not available? Put yourself on our waitlist here.
  • If you are interested in a private class please fill out this form.
  • Under 18’s at MakerSpace? Make sure you read this.
  • Trying to book a class with my gift voucher? How do I do this? Add the class to your cart as if you are paying by card. When you get to the checkout at the top of the page there is a box for gift vouchers (not promo codes). Enter the gift voucher number and it will subtract that amount from the total. If you need to pay additional you can then enter card or bank details. If you still have credit on the gift card the gift card number is still valid until you have used the money on the card expires.
  • Booked a class and want to change or cancel? Make sure you have read the terms and conditions. If you meet the terms and conditions please send through your full name, class, class date, alternative date options and what you would like to do… change? Class credit? Refund (include your bank account name, number and BSB)?
  • Do you offer Hens/Bucks parties or corporate team-building events? Unfortunately we don’t – our class capacities are too small for parties (typically 4-6 people max). We would prefer to politely decline than to offer a less-than-awesome experience.
  • I am running late! Give us a call on 9557 8584!… depending on how late you are you might not be able to catch up if you are too far behind. Keep us updated and we’ll be able to update you.
  • Swapping dates in the multi week workshop you’re booked into? Is this possible? Unfortunately no. We set our class number really strictly to ensure maximum hands on time to so you have an awesome learning experience.
  • I completed my ceramics class… when can I pick up my pieces? If you let us know what date you finished your class we will get back to you when your pieces should be ready. If your class ended a month ago, chances are they are ready!


7. I want to book for my friends/partner/other adults, how do I do this?

Wonderful! Our booking platform is a bit challenged in this department, so please follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Before you book, shoot us an email at or call 9557 8584 to check there are multiple spaces still available in the class.
  2. You will need to make each booking ONE AT A TIME. ALL THE WAY TO PAYMENT. SO, Enrol + Pay for you. Totally complete the transaction.
  3. THEN, start over and enrol and pay for your friend.
  4. Alternatively, you can set up a linked account for family members so you can pay for them AND so they are actually enrolled in the class.

We are working on a longterm solution, but till the booking platform update the feature, please DON’T try to go back and book more places but pay all together – only one of you will show up in the enrolment, and the class may be over-enrolled. We won’t see this issue till your guests turn up, and we may not have enough space or materials for everyone.


8. I’m going to be late or miss a session in the multi-week class I’m booking. Can I make it up?

As per our Terms and Conditions, unfortunately we cannot offer complimentary makeup sessions outside class time or in concurrent or future course sessions. Instructors are not obligated to catch students up during scheduled class time for missed sessions or excessive lateness.

Why is this? Our classes are booking out fast, making it hard to squeeze in one more person. We work out our maximum class sizes based on the available tools and equipment, and to ensure the best, most enjoyable, productive teacher-student ratios.


Do you offer “private classes” for individuals or small groups?

Yes, absolutely. Costs depend on the type of class, and the cost of materials. The price will be influenced by the total number of hours, students and the cost of materials. Most classes have a maximum of 4-6 students, although we can accommodate up to 10 participants in some courses. Get in touch at


Can my kids do the class?

Only if you take the class with them – which means buying two places in the course. MakerSpace is an 18+ facility, but we try to make some of our classes open to people under 18, as long as they are accompanied by a participating, paying adult.  We recommend you read more about kids in the workshop here.

Some classes (like casting with molten metal) have a minimum age of 18, this will be clearly written on the class description. Ultimately, approval for a child to participate in any class rests absolutely at the discretion of the MakerSpace staff: We will only refuse access if we think that there is a safety concern, or that you child is going to have a crappy experience. Again, we recommend you read more about kids in the workshop here.

To book an adult and a child into a class, please follow the above instructions for booking a partner/friend/other adult.

A parent or guardian will have to sign the waiver and Terms and Conditions on behalf of their kids.


I reckon I’d make an excellent teacher, how do I get involved?

Wonderful, we are always looking for passionate, skilled teachers! Shoot us an email with a brief outline of the stuff you’d love to teach to