Membership  FAQ’s

Got a question about our classes? Great! Follow these steps:

  1. Take a look at the FAQ’s below.
  2. Double check the Terms and Conditions.
  3. Get in touch with our team.


I want to book for my friends/partner/kids, how do I do this?

Wonderful! Before you book, shoot us an email at Essentially you need to set up a linked account for family members so you can pay for them AND so they are actually enrolled in the class. We are working on a longterm solution, but till that comes into play, please DON’T simply select 2 x a class – only one of you will show up in the enrolment!


CERAMICS THROWING: Can you please outline the time frame minimums between throwing, trimming and glazing? Can I do it all in one day or all in one week?

Trimming: you must leave a minimum of Throwing + 1day. You can wait up to 4 weeks but let us know so we can make sure your work doesn’t dry out.
Glazing: you must leave Trimming + 1-2weeks. Check with your teacher regarding the firing schedule. You can always come and throw another pot while you wait!


CERAMICS THROWING: I’ve done the first four classes, shouldn’t it be $35 now?

Yep! You simply need to ask your teacher for the promo code and enter it when booking your next session 🙂


Do you offer “private classes” for individuals or small groups?

Yes, absolutely. Costs depend on the type of class, and the cost of materials. The price will be influenced by the total number of hours, students and the cost of materials. Get in touch at


Do you offer special event classes – like Corporate Classes or Hen’s Parties?

Absolutely, we’d love to help you craft the perfect event, get in touch at with your enquiry.


Can my kids do the class?

Most of our classes are open to children, as long as they are accompanied by a participating, paying adult. We recommend not more than 3 kids to one supervising adult, but we can discuss it!

Some classes (like casting with molten metal) have a minimum age of 18, this will be clearly written on the class description.

If a class is specifically listed as a Children’s Class, your child can participate without an accompanying adult in attendance. A parent or guardian will have to sign the waiver and Terms and Conditions on behalf of their kids.


I reckon I’d make an excellent teacher, how do I get involved?

Wonderful, we are always looking for passionate, skilled teachers! Shoot us an email with a brief outline of the stuff you’d love to teach to