Membership  FAQ’s

Got a question about membership? Great! Follow these steps:

  1. Take a look at the FAQ’s below.
  2. Double check the Terms and Conditions.
  3. Get in touch with our team.


Who can use the MakerSpace?

Everyone! We welcome the creatively curious through to professional designers and makers. This is a great space to launch your creative business, but it’s also the perfect place for hobbyists, DIY Weekend Warriors, after-hours-artists. Perhaps you’ve taken a class in the past (here or elsewhere) and you’d like to practice your skills? Perhaps you’d like to come for an intensive week to prototype a new idea? Perhaps you’d like to drop in to use that tool you need for that one job! Or perhaps you’ll love it so much you’ll want to move in, get your own bench and start making things more often! If you’re under 18 you need an adult with you. But otherwise, there are no limits to who can join.


How does membership work?

Think of us like a Gym for Making things. We show you how to safely use our gear, you drop in as often as you like to do what you like. Our super friendly team are here to help, they make sure the machinery is in great condition. As a member, you get access to some great partner discounts and you get discounts on our classes!


What can I do as a Member?

We provide a space to make, machinery and tools, and expert staff. The rest is up to you!

Whatever you like really! In the pottery studio, you can use our wheels or grab a bench and the slab roller or extruder to do some hand-building. The metal workshop is set up for sheet, rod and pipe work, we’ve got loads of wonderful gear for large and small scale work. We also have big benches inside a big warehouse, so you can spread out and get your work done!


How does payment work?

Check out our Become a Member page for more information on pricing and packages.
You can sign up in person, and members on a monthly plan have the fees automatically withdrawn from a credit-card every month.


What do fees go towards?

Your membership fees allow us to offer what we do. It contributes to our overheads: paying rent,  our excellent staff, to maintaining the machinery. We make sure things are ready to go so that you can make what ever you want. It’s really bloody amazing. And we’re doing this without government funding, so you make this possible.


Can I get a discount if I come for one hour?

Short answer is no. We keep the prices super low which is amazing. Each visit is recorded as a visit whether it’s one hour or a whole day.


I’m a student, can I get a discount?

Sure! Students get discounted membership, come in and talk to us!


Are there any other costs?

Firing services are charged by the cubic litre. Using Welding gear incurs a $10 fee for fair use for the day. We can sell you stick welding rods. Some machinery or powertools require you to BYO consumables – for example drill-bits 6mm or smaller and sandpaper. Consumables are listed with the specific item on the Equipment page.


Can I book the machines I want to use?

Absolutely. Many of our machines are bookable, check out our Equipment page. To book you will need to first complete an Induction – we’re happy to make a time with you.


Er… I don’t really know how to use all your gear… can I still become a member?

Absolutely! Before you can start, we’ll induct you on the machinery. If you’re a practical sort of person, you’ll probably feel pretty confident giving it a crack. It is ALWAYS ok to ask our friendly technicians how things work, or for a refresher.

If you think you might need a little more training to feel confident with some of our gear, we recommend you sign up to a class to learn more. If we’re not offering a class that covers the skills you want, let us know! We’ll set one up to meet your needs.