A place for people to make things

Our agenda is to build a culture of innovation and excellence in Australian design, whilst strengthening the local community by bringing people together.

We are a place for locals to participate in the culture of making, and for visitors to experience the best in Australian Design across furniture, ceramics, metalwork, woodwork, industrial design and more.


Our classes focus on design, making and business skills. From total first-timers trying to kindle a creative spark to master-classes for pro’s honing their skills, everyone is welcome. We embrace small class sizes, excellent teachers, hands-on exploration and participatory learning. If you want to request a class or teach, get in touch. View Classes.


Our Studio tenants can access Metal, Ceramic, Wood and Digital fabrication equipment and expertise, co-working spaces and events. Our growing collection of equipment includes machinery that is too expensive, specialised or just too big for people to have in their homes. Apply for a Studio here.

What will you make?

How It Works

It’s simple. Anyone may attend classes. For a monthly or annual fee, members can reserve and use MakerSpace’s tools. All you need to do is completion an equipment- specific Induction classes. Talented staff members are available to help develop ideas and improve technical skills.


You really have to see it to believe it. Stop by for a tour with one of our team and have all your questions answered. Whatever your background or skill sets, come in and prepare to be inspired!

Meet the Team

Founder & Director

Anna Lise De Lorenzo

Education Coordinator

Clare Flanagan

Wood Technician

Sam Griffith

Metal Technician

Apply Now! Position open!


Bruce Jeffreys

Ceramic Technician



Interim Chair

Bruce Jeffreys


Anna Lise De Lorenzo


Szu-Han Wang



Liane Rossler


Your support means the world to us. We receive donations that allow us to continue our work and provide even better resources and opportunities to more people every year. As a charity with DGR status on the Register of Cultural Organisations, all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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